Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality Assurance Consulting

Tailored Testing Strategy Whether crafting a customized testing strategy or refining existing QA processes, we enhance efficiency.

Review & Assessment In the initial phase of QA consulting, we

  • Analyze the target software
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Identify potential deficiencies
  • Set goals and metrics for testing

QA Methodology & Tools As the project progresses, our team

  • Defines appropriate testing processes
  • Selects QA tools for manual or automated testing
  • Ensures alignment with project-specific regulations

Test Documentation In the final stage, our consultants

  • Establish a testing policy and strategy
  • Provide a comprehensive QA roadmap
  • Finalize the requirements traceability matrix
  • Schedule reports and deliverables

Our Testing Scope

Web Apps

When assessing your enterprise or consumer web application, we prioritize ensuring the seamless functioning of backend and frontend components, optimizing performance, and fortifying user data security.

Desktop Apps

Our team conducts thorough audits to evaluate your software's compatibility with various operating systems and hardware configurations, ensuring stability under normal and critical conditions while upholding data integrity.

Mobile Apps

For your customer-facing or enterprise mobile application, Topdot verifies alignment with specifications, cross-device usability, resilience to load and stress, and robust network connectivity.

Cloud Software

Across public, private, or hybrid cloud deployment models, we identify potential weaknesses and bottlenecks, address detected deficiencies, and provide recommendations for improvement.

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