Maintenance & Support

Enhanced Software Support Solutions

With our expertise as practicing engineers, we offer comprehensive IT support services for software of all sizes and complexities, ranging from corporate systems to customer-facing applications. Our maintenance services encompass every aspect, beginning with thorough pre-support audits and round-the-clock software upkeep and extending to transformative redesigns when necessary.

Initial Support Tier

  • Our team of technicians adeptly handles user-side issues and minor glitches within your application, swiftly resolving them before they escalate into major disruptions. At this level, we analyze user feedback and swiftly address issues without necessitating deep dives into the codebase.

System Troubleshooting

  • In instances where the root cause lies within system deficiencies, our experienced troubleshooting team steps in to investigate, diagnose, and rectify bugs or implement performance-critical configurations, installations, and updates to ensure seamless operations.

Advanced Technical Support

  • For complex and unprecedented challenges, Topdot brings in highly skilled architects and engineers. They meticulously delve into the source code, addressing disruptions, optimizing backend functionality, and introducing transformative new features to enhance system performance and capability.

Roadmap for IT Support and Maintenance

System Assessment

In the initial phase, we conduct a thorough examination of your software, focusing on its architecture and code. This includes reviewing related documentation and conducting basic functional and performance tests to identify areas for improvement.

Maintenance Proposal

Based on the findings from the system assessment, our technicians create a comprehensive maintenance proposal. This proposal outlines the scope of required services, along with their objectives and specific requirements.

Roadmap Creation

Following the acceptance of the maintenance proposal, our team at Itransition develops a detailed roadmap. This roadmap encompasses a set of recommended practices and tools, as well as a milestone-based strategy for maintenance activities. We present this roadmap for your approval before proceeding further.

Project Transition

Upon approval of the maintenance roadmap, we initiate the project transition process. This involves assigning roles and tasks within our team and implementing the agreed-upon steps outlined in the roadmap.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

With the project transition complete, we commence ongoing support and maintenance activities. This includes analyzing and resolving issues and bugs, performing on-demand and scheduled updates, releasing new features as required, and conducting other negotiated maintenance tasks. Throughout this process, we provide regular status reports to keep you informed of our progress.

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