About Our Company

Topdot is a tight-knit team of innovators collaborating to make the web a better place And having a little fun while we do it!

A growing community of creative minds and web experts coming together to build innovative solutions.

Topdot is an industry leader in IT. With over 10 years of experience there’s no wonder why so many businesses choose us.

Topdot takes a comprehensive approach to information technology. With over ten years of experience across a broad spectrum of IT fields, we know what it takes to make a company successful in today’s world, and we want to help all our partners realize their fullest potential.
Whether it’s building web applications, ERP systems, producing Ecommerce sites and solutions, web design, web development, or online marketing, our goal is to bring your business success and help you grow your brand. With our innovative approach to the modern web and the technology of tomorrow, weportantly, effective. We’ve done it for companies across the globe, and we can do it for you too.